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Job creation

 Expanded Public Works Programm e( EPWP)
 There are no job opportunities in rural areas. 50 community care givers are employed by the organisation through the Expanded Public works programme (EPWP).

HIV AIDS Prevention Programme (SHIPP)

SHIPP is a HIV/AIDS prevention programme. It is one of the largest programmes with operations in KwaZulu Natal, Gauteng, and Mpumalanga  Provinces. This programme is funded by USAID through.
Through this programme, the organisation do HIV/AIDS and drug abuse public awareness campaigns in rural communities

Home based care

The organisations has employed 50 community care givers in the Zululand District Municipality. The community care givers renders health care education in rural communities, and do house hold chores in the homesteads of the sick. They also collect medication from clinics for those sick. Community awareness campaigns on all social ills are conducted in the communities

Education and Youth

Life skills Training in local school

Life skills training is conducted in local schools. Learners are taught on different life skills topics e,g. teenage pregnancy, drug abuse, HIV/AIDS, rape, etc

Community Development / Soup kitchen

The welfare and happiness of children in a country is fundamental in the well-being and happiness of all its citizens. If children suffer, we all suffer. How children grow up and develop is furthermore decisive for a country’s future.

Thuthukisa Abantulayo looks after the child headed households and has a soup kitchen for all the vulnerable children in the community. Through this project thousands of children are being reached and assisted with school fees and uniforms when funding is available

HIV/AIDS Counselling

The organisation provides HIV/AIDS counselling to community members referred by local clinics.

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